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Adventure Trips

Adventure Days are a fun way to break up the day for those dogs that love a good romp in nature. They run five days a week, Monday to Friday. During an Adventure Day, dogs get to run and play off leash with their friends at our local parks, beaches and nature preserves. It’s a wonderful opportunity for socialization, exercise, and the mental and physical stimulation that our four-legged friends need!

Interested in joining the Adventure pack? Enroll them in our Adventure Training Program offered Monday through Friday! We offer varying levels of training to fit your dog’s age, experience, and off-leash reliability. Our goal is to help them become a dependable adventure companion. Our introductory level starts with group training sessions at our facility. We eventually head out on the trails to practice our skills in the field. They’ll learn everything they need to know in order to thrive on our daily Adventure Days, including coming when called, calmly approaching strangers, leashing up, and much more.

We won’t let your busy schedule get in the way! Every training level includes pick up and drop off at your home. We will bring your dog to our facility or out to the trails for a session full of learning, socialization, stimulation and exercise. We will ensure that you’re equipped with the skills and know-how to continue your pup’s training at home and on your own adventures. Each day you will receive an update on what skills your dog is currently working on, how they’re progressing, and specific ways that you can continue their training at home!

Ready to enroll your pup in our Adventure Day Program but not sure how they’ll do?

We will evaluate their off-leash experience and recommend one of our four program levels. Your dog will graduate to the next level after successfully mastering the required skills.  Each level offers a wonderful opportunity for socialization, exercise, and mental and physical stimulation.